Dirty Oral Behavior

Ooh, thinks Jessica Rox, look what I have to play with today! And I want you all to watch me play with it! Will is so sexy and I can’t wait to show him what I’ve got. I want him to see my pussy and I want to see how fast it makes him hard. Ooh, pretty fast! Look at this big bone, it’s already full-grown! It tastes so good in my mouth. But it’s not just sucking a beautiful dick that makes me excited…it’s knowing that other guys are watching me do it, too.

Jessica Rox – Footjob

Jessica Rox – Footjob. Imagine you are that lucky guy next to Jessica, and you want your cock to be “worked on” with Jessica’s feet, and she’d say yes? Let’s picture the moment; you dick is out, her feet are there, baby oil always handy, and she starts wrapping her feet around it, and would only stop if you came? Man, we are talking about heaven on earth, Jessica Rox round your penis, and we’d forget about her juicy pussy in a second, and we couldn’t care…